Eddie Lamb & Aria Montgomery theories

Eddie Lamb seemed 100% sure he new Aria in last night’s episode. Now this could just be because Aria visited Spencer & Mona a few times and didn’t want him to know or he would suspect she was only there to investigate and then he would rat her out so she wouldn’t be able to carry on working there.


There have also been so many theories and clues that link aria to having a split personality (and we know mental illnesses run in the Montgomery family.) So perhaps Aria was in Radley when she was a child and that’s how he recognized her? It would explain why she was nervous as soon as she saw him. Maybe she recognized him from when she was a patient, she certainly wouldn’t want it getting out that she used to be a patient at Radley!


There is the theory that Bethany Young & Aria are the twins on the show (It has pretty much been confirmed that SOMEONE has a twin and that it isn’t Alison.) This could be how Eddie recognizes her because maybe she used to go and visit Bethany in secret because her family didn’t want people knowing they had a mentally ill child.image

Now i’m not convinced that this tweet is real because when I looked on Marlenes twitter last week there was no sign of this tweet at all. Surely Marlene wouldn’t delete it? Plus this said it would happen is 5x07 which was last nights episode and nothing like this happened.

In my opinion I don’t think that Aria & Bethany are twins & if that tweet from Marlene was real then something would have happened in last nights episode to make it more clear. 

Do you still think they could be twins? Tell me which one of the 3 theories you think is right, or if none, tell me your own theory on the whole Eddie Lamb/Aria Montgomery situation.

Kisses ~ L

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